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Just Say Nooo

Persephone says nooo
her nooo resounds in the halls of hell
her hounds of hell come to her nooo
Persephone says yes is a hiss
it slithers between the cracks in her wall
the gaps in her teeth
Persephone hates snakes
Persephone says nooo
it's the only word she remembers
a word her mother taught her
before sending her out to play
Nooo nooo nooo
she says to her sisters
You will not bite me or change me
you won't enter my house
you won't hear my words because I give you none
you can come crawling
you can pound on my gates
but you won't get in
you will bang your head
you will tear your fingers
on my everlasting nooo
while I sit inside without smiling
listening to the eternal echo of my nooo

Persephone forgets
her mother made flowers grow

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