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Not Dead Yet

June 28, 2009

Strange dream: I was looking after a red dog. The dog looked part Lab, part golden, part Irish setter, but the red was closer to the red of Clifford the Big Red Dog. The dog belonged to a woman I worked with in my M.V. Times days but rarely think of and even more rarely see now. (I don't believe she actually has a dog.) The dog was hit by a car and killed on State Road, between the Stoney Hill Road on one side and Buttonwood Farm Road on the other -- the place where Allie, Travvy, and I often cross these days. I didn't see the accident but I knew the dog was dead because there was a big red stain in the road, and the red of the stain was exactly the same as the red of the dog.

I didn't know how to tell the owner that her dog was dead. I called her and someone at her house said the dog had come out of surgery and was doing well. It had been picked up by an ambulance and taken to the hospital. It dawned on me that the stain I had seen on the road was nowhere big enough to have been a dog.


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