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Mine! (by Travvy)

February 04, 2009

It is snowy! We went for a walk with Pearl. Susanna took my leash off so I could play with Pearl. We played and ran and then Pearl got tired. I was not tired! A car was coming in the snow. It was Lorna Jean's car. She gives me cookies! I ran to the car and stood up. Lorna Jean laughed. Susanna said, "Travvy!" She pretended to be mad but she was not really mad. I followed Lorna Jean's car to her house and when she got out I got in. She and her kids thought it was funny. First I looked for cookies, then I found a little stuffed bear. I jumped out of the car and ran very fast!

Susanna cannot run very fast. She walked. She said, "Where's Travvy?" I ran to her. Here I am! "Where is the teddy, Travvy?" I wagged my tail. She followed my pawprints. She found where I buried the teddy! I dug it up. She said, "Drop it, Travvy." I did not drop it. She said, "That is Lorna Jean's teddy. We will take it back to her." She put my leash on and we went back to Lorna Jean's house. I would not drop the teddy! Lorna Jean said I could have it. Susanna said, "Drop it, Travvy!" I did not want to drop it.

Lorna Jean drove away. Susanna gave cookies to Pearl but I still did not drop it. Then Susanna dropped one little cookie in the snow and another and then another. I dropped the teddy and followed the cookies. Uh-oh. I could not reach the teddy. I was mad! I growled and spun around and jumped in the air. Susanna was mad too. I sat down. She picked up the teddy and put it on the steps.

We went for a walk but I had to be on the leash. On the way home I found a tennis ball. I picked it up. Susanna did not say "Drop it!" I carried it all the way home and now it is on the deck.

Your friend,



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