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More Goddamn Ice

January 14, 2009

is not nice

Ice, ice went away
came again too goddamn soon

Hoo boy am I sick of the ice. Can't walk anywhere without taking excruciatingly small steps. Probably can't wok either but I wouldn't know, not having a wok. Even Travvy the sure-pawed malamute is slip-sliding all over the place.

It rained last night, then it froze. Now it's freezing harder. Tomorrow's high is supposed to be in barely double digits Fahrenheit. There isn't a close-to-freezing temp in the forecast till Sunday.

Ice sucks.

Ice probably has all sorts of metaphysical, metaphorical beauties but I'm impervious. Clear, cold, and frozen solid, just like the ice.

The Lord in his wisdom made the ice
That's how we know that God's not nice

Global warming
Glow bull warming
bull scheiss
bull schuss
bull spin a 360 in the middle of the road
bull stagger down the road like a drunken sailor
bull pucky
bull hockey

Bulls on skates
can't wait


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