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Happy Birthday, Dad!

July 08, 2005

Today my father turns 83. I turned 54 last month. Long time ago he said he could handle being 64, but he wasn't sure about having a daughter who was 35. "When I'm 64," which seemed in my far distant future when the Beatles song came out, is now only ten years away. Time slithers on, and we manage to handle it (with a little help from our friends).

Having birthdays in June and July distinguished my father and me from the rest of the family: my mother, my father's mother, my siblings, my uncles, and my first cousins are mostly Virgos, Libras, and Scorpios. My maternal grandmother was born on June 9; she died barely a week short of her 105th birthday. I figure that's a good omen. My niece was born in April, my nephew in June: maybe the family is lightening, or brightening, up?

Whatever. Rhodry was born on December 17, and he says that's a very good time for a malamutt's birthday.

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