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Gaylaxicon, here I come

June 30, 2005

Tomorrow I'm heading off to Cambridge, Mass., for Gaylaxicon, my first science fiction convention (that's "sf con" for those in the know) in seven years. Time flies when you're hanging out in Elfland . . . My last con was WisCon 22, held Memorial Day weekend of 1998. With my 20-20 hindsight, I can now see that two events of that long weekend were particularly portentous: the staged reading of my one-act play, A Midsummer Night's Alternative, and one morning's breakfast with Marsha, who not only knows a lot about fantasy and science fiction but breeds Morgan horses. She showed me her pictures and we talked horse. By the end of the year, I had buckled down to writing what became The Mud of the Place and started working two mornings a week at a local horse farm. By the end of the next year, I had a Morgan of my own.

Thanks to e-mail and the Web, I've never stopped hanging out in sf circles, but this weekend I'll be actually seeing people I haven't laid eyes on in seven years — including Donna, who directed my play at WisCon 22. I also get off the rock for most of Fourth of July weekend, and that's a big plus in anyone's book. (On July 4th weekend there are more people on Martha's Vineyard than at any other time of year. And the traffic is already ferocious.) See y'all when I get back!



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